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Jill of Ark integrates intuitive healing, animal communication, and spiritual life coaching in her single sessions and multi-session packages, available by phone and Skype. | Jill of Ark

You've got a friend. You just need a translator.

  • Learn how to talk AND listen to your animal
  • Get to know your pet's unique personality and quirks
  • Understand the root of your pet's behavioral issue so you can finally resolve it
  • Build a stronger bond (and prevent problems) with a newly adopted pet
  • Gain insights on your pet's unexplained symptoms
  • Support your animal through an end-of-life transition

I'll help you harmonize your relationship with your animal by opening a two-way communication channel--integrating my intuitive abilities as an animal communicator and energy healer with my knowledge of human communication and domestic animal training and behavior.

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A big THANK YOU for talking with Pip, my parakeet. I’ve never worked with an animal communicator before and really didn’t know what to expect. I was astounded at the things he communicated through you. I was prepared for him not to say much at all, but I guess he had a lot to say after living with me for 10 years! It was such a cool experience, and I feel like both he and I understand each other better now. 

Janine Syracuse, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

If my animals can talk, why can’t I hear them?
Animals do not speak words aloud like humans do, but they most definitely express thoughts and feelings that, with practice, humans can learn to pick up on and understand. I’d bet that you have “heard” your animal without realizing it. The problem for most of us is that our heads get in the way. We assume we know these things because we’ve trained our animals to follow a routine that we can recognize, not because the animals have actually sent us these messages.

How will I know you’re actually talking with my animal?
While some of the messages that come through are often specific enough to provide that confirmation, it's possible that you may not know. That’s why I don’t recommend that we work together if you’re skeptical and looking to be amazed and convinced otherwise. My goal is to be an open facilitator and liaison between you and your animal to ensure a more accurate, meaningful exchange. This requires your open-mindedness and active participation.

Will having you work with my animal prevent me from having to go the vet or any other professional?
Animal communication should NEVER replace any form of professional care. Animals are living beings with physical needs and instincts which also must be adequately addressed in order to see results. Sorry, but there are no shortcuts to being a responsible pet parent.

Can you ask my animal to change his/her behavior?
Sometimes. Remember that animals, just like humans, have free will. Asking your animal to change or reveal information does not guarantee your animal will immediately comply. However, you'll find that strengthening your relationship with your animal (and tending to some discordant situations in your own life) can help to minimize problems and resolve them faster.

Will energy healing cure my pet's illness?
Because I am not a veterinarian, I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure your animal. Energy healing helps remove blockages in the energetic body (similar to acupuncture) and promote feelings of peace and comfort. Because it's spiritual in nature, it can work in complement to more conventional practices--but it should definitely not be a replacement for them.

Will my animal complain about or embarrass me?
This is one of the biggest fears cited among my prospective clients and students. But once you tap in, you’ll find that companion animals not only possess the innocence and curiosity of children with the wisdom of the elders, they are also unconditionally loving and supportive of our human journeys. Although they do sometimes have a few things on their agenda (such as requests for special food, extended privileges, or concerns about your well-being), you’ll ultimately find that they seek to aid you, not humiliate you or make you feel guilty.

At what times are sessions available?
Phone and Skype sessions are scheduled between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Time on Mondays and between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Additional times are available by request but may take longer to set up.

I have an emergency. Can you expedite my session request?
I generally do not take "emergency" sessions, but it depends on the level of your needs and my availability at that time. You're welcome to submit a request to inquire as long as you understand that I may not be able to accommodate.

I'd like to meet with you by video chat, but I don’t use Skype. Can you meet with me over another platform?
I connect with clients all over the world through Skype and have found it to be reliable and user-friendly. It's a free service, available for download here. If there is a reason you cannot use Skype, we can make arrangements to meet by Google Hangouts.