Why I Love Flower Essences

Imagine you’re walking through a meadow. The sun is beaming warmly, the breeze is flowing gently, the birds are chirping gleefully all around you, and everywhere you turn, brightly blooming flowers are speckling the landscape with color. (If you need to, you can also imagine that you’ve conquered your allergies and there are absolutely no mosquitos, fleas, or ticks in the grass.)

Spending time in nature, away from the artificial glow of computer and cell phone screens, can be deeply restorative, reconnecting us to the planet and to who we are. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the luxury of abandoning certain stressful obligations on a whim, even though it would sure be nice to take a few moments of retreat.

Flower essences help bring the power of nature to us, wherever we are. I’ve dabbled in a number of holistic modalities and remedies over the years, but these have remained a strong favorite. They’re easy to use, carry virtually no risks, and can quickly make a gentle but noticeable impact on both animals and people.

Why I Love Flower Essences

Contrary to popular misconception, flower essences are NOT like essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from plants through distillation, making them extremely concentrated and potent. They’re another wonderful natural remedy and a staple in my holistic tool kit, but precautions must be taken when using them, especially around animals. Some essential oils can be toxic to pets, and others can cause more harm than good. And because of their strong aromas, many animals can actually find them chaffing rather than soothing, even when administered safely.

Flower essences are more similar to homeopathic remedies in that they’re vibrational. They work on an energetic level, which can impact the physical body but doesn’t directly target it.

The flowers from which flower essences are made are chosen for specific “wisdom” or properties they exude in nature–the strength of their roots, the textures of their stems and leaves, the color and size of their blooms, the climates they grow in, the time of year they emerge in, the natural predators and conditions they must overcome to survive, and so on. It’s believed that these properties can aid us when we’re facing energetically similar situations and ailments.

The flowers are energetically transferred into water, using the sun or another catalyst. The water, now holding the energetic essence of the flowers, gets preserved and bottled for use.

When you pick up a glass dropper bottle containing a flower essence, you’re holding water that holds the energy of the flower plus whatever was used as a preservative (grain alcohol, glycerine, vinegar, etc.). It’s not an extract. Skeptics doubt that this type of remedy does anything at all because there is nothing of real physical substance involved.

But I’ve had far too many successes with flower essences to be skeptical.

They’ve helped Puff overcome her severe carsickness without medication. They’ve helped countless clients’ animals with both acute and constitutional anxiety. I took calming flower essences to help me relax (and minimize the number of needle pokes) when I was getting manual IV infusions twice a week in temperamental veins. A flower essence to help slow the growth of cancer contributed to us getting an extra year with Bubble after her grade 2 carcinoma diagnosis.

Today, I take a grounding essence blend daily, and I didn’t notice how well it was working to keep me centered until I recently made the mistake of running out before reordering. I frequently use other blends or single essences to help me open up before doing sessions with clients, to clear up my skin, to minimize cravings, to boost my flow of creativity before writing, to promote concentration and focus on challenging tasks, and to help me maintain boundaries and feel more secure through busy, stressful situations and conflicts.

My animals receive various essences (dropped right into their water bowls) to ease cat-and-dog tensions and episodes of “zoomies.” I also use flower essences to support them through acute issues like digestive upset and itchy skin, as a complement to recommendations from our vet. They don’t interfere with medications, nor do they cause side effects.

From my knowledge, the only thing you need to be careful about when using a flower essence is potential sensitivity to the preservative agent, which is extremely rare–especially if you’re administering it in water.

That’s why I love the essences from Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire. They use an herb called red shiso and white vinegar to stabilize the essences, so not only are they 100% alcohol-free (my strong preference when using with animals), the tinctures also have a lovely magenta tint to them. I also like shopping where I know the owner and staff are environmentally conscious, super passionate, and eager to help people connect with the right remedies, not just make a buck. And I’m sure there are other great companies out there, too. I’ve just had so many positive experiences with Green Hope Farm that I haven’t felt a need to look elsewhere.

Note:  this is not an affiliate link. I don’t earn commission if you decide to try their products. While I do sometimes use affiliate links when I have them, I don’t share recommendations in hopes of getting paid from them. I believe it’s simply good business karma to steer people to other businesses, organizations, and individuals whose contributions I genuinely value and think you may as well.

Whether you enjoy spending time in nature or hesitate to head outdoors, flower essences are a perfect way to bring some of the benefits straight to you. And hey, you can even find flower essences to help ease allergies and repel biting bugs!


Over to you…

What (if any) experience do you have with flower essences? Tell me in the comments.

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