Success stories from previous clients

In early December 2015, I was hit with the devastating news that my best friend, Poe,  of nearly 13 years was suffering and I needed to help him move on. I struggled for days with a decision, “am I doing the right thing?, is he really suffering?” I contacted Jill and asked if she could talk to Poe … Jill connected with Poe and asked the questions I had and listened to how he was feeling. She told me that he loved me so much and much much he was suffering. She even told me what his medical issues were and I had not shared that with her. She told me how he said he will always be with me and will meet me at the bridge when it is my time.

I was somewhat of a skeptic until that day in December. Thank you Jill for helping me help my best friend Poe move on from this world with dignity and peace and to know he was and always will be loved. Meet you on the other side Poe. ❤️

D.j., Fayetteville, NC

Jill visited my home to help with my dog Katie’s anxiety. She always seemed to be worried, and she couldn’t relax. Through their communication, it seemed that it was from prior trauma when she was younger. Jill was able to tell about the relationship between my other dog Emma and Katie. That help led me eventually to medication for Katie and she can now relax and enjoy being a dog. Sometimes you can’t pinpoint what’s going on with your pet, and with Jill’s communication skills, the odds are you going to find out a different way to help. Gives great piece of mind.

Jill, Syracuse, NY

Our family’s strictly indoor cat,Read client testimonials on jillofark.com. Doc had escaped from the safety of our home. After several days, wandering in the woods for hours at a time, and posting flyers around town, Doc was nowhere to be found. I reached out to Jill to channel Doc, wanting to know if he was alive or deceased, near or far, and how to get him home. Not only did Jill locate Doc, but also she conversed with him. In their conversation, Jill discovered that Doc was panicked and unable to figure out the entrances to our home. Jill told Doc that we could not see him and he needed to vocalize and be heard. Within an hour, I heard 2 meows outside; I then saw 2 eyes peering from the cracked garage and witnessed a scared little cat dart into our house. Doc came home because Jill led him there. I truly believe there is something special about Jill and would recommend her services beyond anyone else’s.

Jodie, Wayne, NJ

Read client testimonials on jillofark.com.A big THANK YOU for talking with Pip, my parakeet. I've never worked with an animal communicator before and really didn't know what to expect. I was astounded at the things he communicated through you. I was prepared for him not to say much at all, but I guess he had a lot to say after living with me for 10 years! It was such a cool experience, and I feel like both he and I understand each other better now.

I think what shocked me the most were the things he's observed: he knew I was planning on moving, and he even knew about some of the things going on with my job. A lot of his personality came out through your conversation with him, which was great to see.  He had a lot of requests for a little bird! I'm still working through his list of 'demands,' but I've already noticed that he's happier since I've done some of the things he asked for. And, he's been chirping a lot more since you let him know that I don't mind the chirping like he thought I did.

I've been telling everyone about this experience and highly recommend that anyone with a pet make an appointment with you. Thank you, Jill. You have an amazing gift!

Janine, Syracuse, NY

Jill came to our house to do a little investigating with our pets to see what was on their minds and what messages they had for us. My cat flocked right to her (which she never does when meeting new people) and Jill was able to read her right away. Jill also did an excellent job with communicating messages with our 11 year old Beagle. Jill provided my partner and I with interesting and useful information regarding our pets. For example, my cat wanted her own water dish instead of sharing it with the dog. Once Jill explained that to us, we went out and bought our cat her own water bowl and meows much less now. Jill is professional, compassionate, and stellar at what she does. I highly recommend “Jill of Ark”!

Christopher, Syracuse, NY

Jill’s alignment of self-integrity with the pet’s boundaries and comfort level ensured wonderful results. I will use her assistance again and again. Thanks Jill!

Karen, Amherst, MA

A few montRead client testimonials on jillofark.com.hs ago, I set up an animal communication visit with Jill for my dog, Buddy. Buddy had almost died from something he ate, and I needed reassurance he was going to be okay. I have known Jill for many years and knew of her passion and love for animals, so I was very excited when we set up the appointment.

From the moment Jill arrived, I truly could see and feel her immediate connection with Buddy! He never left her side as we all sat together while she tuned into him directly. As they began connecting, Jill mentioned things like how he prefers his food and how much he loves us. Then she tuned in even more to the places he likes to go on walks–specifically colors of buildings and locations of parks–places that we actually frequent, not something she could possibly have knowledge of!

One thing that particularly impressed me was when my teenage son came into the room and she said Buddy was aware of the difficulty he was having with his girlfriend and then gave suggestions on what Buddy thought he should do!! It was incredible that Jill commented on this because my son’s relationship was actually very challenging at that time. Plus, this also made us look at Buddy differently–to know he saw and understood our struggles directly helped us experience his love on a completely different level. It was extremely comforting.

I am 100% certain that Jill possesses deep and significant animal communication power, and that her love and adoration of animals is a phenomenal complement to that power. She gave us a gift of looking at our beloved Buddy differently, and she is truly a gift to those who utilize her services!! 

Renee, Syracuse, NY

I was having problems with my dog that I'd gotten from someone who couldn't keep him anymore, making me his third owner. He is a great dog but he was showing signs of separation anxiety. One night I went out and my neighbor complained that he barked the entire time I was gone. I wasn't sure what to do so I asked around and someone suggested Jill. I contacted her through her website and she seemed very knowledgeable about the topic so I decided to give her a try.

We ended up doing all of our consultations over the phone for a five week period. During the consultations she would communicate with Argo as well as give me tasks to do on a daily basis that would help with the separation anxiety. She also checked in with him during the week. The things that she gave me to do were fairly simple and when she explained why they mattered to a dog it made complete sense.

After a short time of following Jill's instructions, I stopped seeing signs that he was trying to escape. I asked my neighbor if they'd heard him barking and they said they didn't hear him all day! I still continued what Jill suggested and his behavior while I was gone has gotten so much better.

Now I can leave my house without feeling bad or fearing what he will do while I'm gone. I would highly recommend Jill to anyone, she is great at what she does.


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