Code of Ethics

I strive to maintain a heart-centered business that delivers meaningful, transformative results to each of my clients--both human and animal. In line with this, I adhere to the following Code of Ethics.

For myself:

  • I bring my whole self--my gifts and strengths as well as my imperfections and limitations--to my work.
  • I maintain healthy boundaries and tend to my own self-care so that when clients hire me, they're getting me at my absolute best.

For all of my intuitive work:

  • I complete each session with the intention of serving the client's (and their animal's) highest good.
  • I honor that only a Higher Power is fully aware of what the future holds for each of us. I cannot predict or interfere with the future.
  • I respect that my clients possess free will to choose their thoughts and action steps and that these thoughts and action steps will ultimately influence their outcomes.
  • I offer my clients insights on present energies and pathways to desired outcomes so that they may make their own decisions.
  • I treat my clients the way I'd want to be treated if our roles were reversed.
  • I respect my clients' privacy and confidentiality and will only use or publish information about them with their express consent.
  • I read only for and about people who (and animals whose people) directly request sessions from me.
  • I read only for individuals who are 18 years of age or older, unless their parents or legal guardians provide express consent.

For my work with animals:

  • I uphold high standards of respect and safety while interacting with animals--both physically and intuitively.
  • I recognize that in communicating with animals, I am channeling words, visions, and vibrations so that my clients can try to make sense of them.
  • I report all messages received during readings regardless of how I expect my clients may react to them.
  • I respect that both my clients and their animals possess free will to choose their thoughts and action steps.
  • I describe physical and emotional sensations only so that clients can consult with veterinarians and animal behaviorists who are qualified to address the issues.